East Shore Y.M.C.A.

Retrofit & Deferred Maintenance

Project Grant:

The East Shore Y.M.C.A. project encompasses a series of smaller deferred maintenance items, which are necessitated by the facility’s advanced age, unique architectural features and the myriad purposes for which the facility is used.

Among the projects undertaken has been the repair and resealing of exterior windows, retrofit to bathrooms in the men’s dormitory and repointing of exterior brick walls.

PROJECT STATUS: As is quite apparent, the upkeep of this historic treasure is a never-ending process. Nevertheless, Impact Harrisburg’s investment and the work completed has made a significant difference in preserving and improving this cherished asset. A small remainder of the current project will be completed by mid-2021.
AMOUNT LEVARAGED: $138,592. The Y has “matched” the Impact Harrisburg grant dollar for dollar from it own capital campaign funds.