About Us

Our Vision

Impact Harrisburg is an outgrowth of the recognition and concern identified within the Strong Plan that the City has lagged behind in creating economic development opportunities and growth across the diverse demographic spectrum that comprises the City.

The Strong Plan notes that in order to become more functional, financially solvent and inclusive, Harrisburg must develop strategies that invite and bring into the economic structure members of communities reflecting those of which the City is comprised.

Our Mission

The mission of Impact Harrisburg is to promote economic development and infrastructure improvement within the City of Harrisburg.


Building the City’s Tax Base by adding to the real estate, redevelopment of non-taxpaying properties into tax-paying properties, earned income or other taxes paid directly to the City of Harrisburg.

Creating permanent jobs within the City, to the extent possible employing City residents.

Improving operational efficiency, safety and livability of the City. Improving a community or neighborhood by helping to make it more livable or viable by providing a benefit to principally low-and moderate-income people or by removing or eliminating slums or blighted areas.

About Our History

The Beginning

The 2014 Harrisburg Strong Plan set aside $12.3 million to address City infrastructure and economic development needs.

Upon meeting various administrative requirements, in November 2014 the Commonwealth Court approved the creation of a single nonprofit corporation, Impact Harrisburg, with responsibility to administer the funds for the purposes outlined in the Strong Plan.

Establishing Impact Harrisburg

The nine member board was appointed in January 2015, and met twice-monthly for nearly three years to address organizational activities.

Impact Harrisburg’s 501 (c) 3 status was approved on June 18, 2015. Its Articles of Incorporation were approved by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania on March 17, 2015. Presently, the board meets on a monthly basis.



Neil Grover

Vice-Chair & Interim Treasurer

Doug Hill

Second Vice-Chair

Gloria Martin-Roberts

Executive Director

Sheila Dow-Ford

Compliance Consultants

Larry Segal
Annemarie Byrnes

Recording Secretary

Brian Hudson (Retired)
Dale Laninga
Russell Montgomery
Jacqueline Z. Parker
Karl Singleton
Brittany Brock (Retired)
Leslie B. Ford (Retired

Administrative Support

Ann Weaver Morrow
Marita Kelly
Frederick Reddig