City of Harrisburg

Capital Region Water

Playground Upgrade

Project Grant:

Impact Harrisburg has encouraged joint ventures between the City and CRW. To this end, the City and CRW have partnered to plan, design, fund and implement the renovation of five public parks/playgrounds located throughout Harrisburg. The identified sites: Penn and Sayford; Royal Terrace; Norwood and Holly; Cloverly Heights; and Fourth and Dauphin.The design includes upgrades and green infrastructure design features, such as permeable pavement surfaces. These refreshed and revived playgrounds are magnificent.

PROJECT STATUS: To date, three playgrounds have been completed, with the Fourth and Dauphin renovation scheduled for completion in early 2021.
AMOUNT LEVARAGED: $500,000. City has effectively leveraged the Impact Harrisburg grant as match to receive funds from the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources for the playground project. This project is an example of collective synergy established for the common purpose of improving the City.