Harrisburg Redevelopment Authority

Blight Remediation

Project Grant:

Impact Harrisburg has provided grant funding to the Redevelopment Authority for the purpose of expediting the process and practice of tearing down blighted properties within the City. The Strong Plan identified the large quantity of blighted properties within Harrisburg as not only demoralizing to homeowners who maintain their properties, but also as an impediment to further development efforts which will lead to enhanced property taxes and a better quality of life for residents.

The Redevelopment Authority has used the Impact Harrisburg grant to expedite the administrative process of acquiring vacant and blighted properties, clearing title to those properties, and commencing demolition. As a result of this initiative, blighted conditions will be ameliorated and the Redevelopment Authority’s repository of lots “ready for development” will be enhanced.

PROJECT STATUS: Using Impact Harrisburg funds, the Redevelopment Authority has acquired 44 properties from Dauphin County Tax Claim. Title has been cleared on all properties, a minimum of 25 homes are slated for demolition by mid-2021.
AMOUNT LEVARAGED: $500,000. Through its CDBG program, City of Harrisburg has “matched” the Impact Harrisburg investment. The City’s funds have been used for a City-wide demolition program for vacant and blighted properties.