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Our Funding Requirements

Our funding requirements are designed to attract and reward quality projects with maximum community impact that are construction ready and will achieve the goals outlined in the Harrisburg Strong Plan. Project applications must demonstrate an impact of at least one of the following areas:

Improving operational efficiency, safety and livability of the City. Improving a community or neighborhood by helping to make it more livable or viable by providing a benefit to principally low-and moderate-income people or by removing or eliminating slums or blighted areas.

Building the Tax Base

By adding to the real estate, redevelopment of non­-taxpaying, blighted properties into tax paying properties.

Job Creation

By creating permanent jobs in the City and to the extent possible employing City residents

Quality Of Life

By improving operational efficiency, safety and livability of the City of Harrisburg

Revenue Generation

By increasing earned Income or other taxes paid directly to the City of Harrisburg


Leverage of other funds both private and public

Accountability of fund dispensation and management

Funding of projects not operations

Transparency through a fair and rational scoring process

Producing measurable outcomes

Respect, preserve and grow the culture of Harrisburg’s neighborhoods

Inclusion: increasing opportunities and capacity for minority and other disadvantaged groups

Review our Funding Requirements

For Applicants

Please review program requirements carefully before submitting an application.

Requirements vary from project to project, and applications will not be reviewed unless all information is received.

Click the link below to download the Program Requirements PDF.